Move Fast.

Build Things.

What is Hack?

We are a student-run organization that aims to empower UCLA students to influence their world through code. We host events for coders of all skill levels. So whether you've been to 10 hackathons, or you just learned "hello world", we're happy to have you.

Capture the Flag

Ever wanted to try out real hacking? We are partnering with LUG this Spring to host a cyber security competition. You will be able to try your hand at ethical hacking by completing challenges on topics such as: DoS attacks, SQL injections, password cracking. The event is open to students of all skill levels.

Hack on the Hill

Hack on the Hill is a 12 hour, beginner-friendly hackathon. There’ll be workshops, mentors, and amazing prizes for the best hacks. Whether you’re a hackathon veteran or you’ve never been to a hackathon before, Hack on the Hill is the best way to get involved with UCLA’s hacker community.

Hacker Expo

Hacker Expo is a demo day for student projects, brought to you by ACM and Facebook. It’s a great place to check out cool projects that other students are working on and meet other hackers. If your project is featured, you will have the opportunity to win prizes, get swag, and recruit with Facebook. We encourage everybody to come out and support our local hacking community!

Hack Camp

Hack Camp is a quarter-long bootcamp that gives you the skills you need to build and deploy your own projects. You will learn from experienced teachers, collaborate on group projects, and meet like-minded peers. Our schedule for this year is Web Development in the Fall, Android in the Winter, and iOS in the Spring.

ACM Hack was founded in 2014 to improve the hacking community at UCLA. Our mission is to empower UCLA students to influence their world through code. Through our HackSchool program, we give students the opportunity to learn practical coding skills and build real projects. This kind of education has often been ignored in the traditional UCLA curriculum. We also host events, like Hack On The Hill, which encourage students to use their skills to solve problems on campus. We hope to create a community where students will help each other build awesome things that solve real problems.