Hack Sprint Demo Day

Congratulations! You've created your first iOS app or have made significant strides towards making one -- and you've demonstrated a working knowledge of Swift and iOS »

Hack Camp Session 1: Intro to iOS

Welcome to Hack Camp! Based on feedback from previous quarter's "Hack School", we've restructured the program to be more project-based, interactive, and fun! Here's a summary »

Android and APIs

Hey Hack Schoolers! The quarter is quickly coming to a close and we know that you're excited about future hackathons. In order to prepare you for »

The ACM Hack Mission

To empower students to influence their community through code. ACM Hack started just two years ago with a bold mission to connect and transform the CS »

Fall Session Slides

Couldn't attend Hack School in the fall? No worries! Here are the slides for you to learn all the materials we covered. Summary Last quarter, we »