Hack Camp Session 1: Intro to iOS

Welcome to Hack Camp! Based on feedback from previous quarter's "Hack School", we've restructured the program to be more project-based, interactive, and fun! Here's a summary of the program format:

  • The first four sessions will be training sessions – you'll be brought up to speed on basic Swift and iOS - no experience required.
  • The later sessions will be optional, but highly encouraged! They'll be independent workshops (you don't need to attend one to be ready for another) on more intermediate and advanced topics. You can come for the workshops, or you can come for the weekly project sync-ups, to meet with your teammates and your mentor.

There are tons of reasons to learn Swift and iOS, and we really hope you take this opportunity to learn some industry-critical skills and build your resume.

For this session, you can access the:

For a comprehensive recap of the session, we have an instructional walk-through video here.