Hack on the Hill 2

Attention Hackers

If you're attending Hack on the Hill, click here for mentors, resources, tutorials, APIs, and other day-of information.

Our most popular event Hack On The Hill (HOTH) is back, now accepting twice as many people! HOTH is a 12 hour, beginner-friendly hackathon designed to introduce students to the world of hackathons and building cool things. If you haven't been to one before, don't worry – this event is just for you. Did we mention there will be cool prizes?

We'll have workshops throughout the day to give you the skills needed to build a project and mentors to help you along the way so you can turn your ideas into a reality. It doesn't matter if you've never written a line of code – all you need is the desire to learn something new.

Application deadline: February 6th, 2017 11:59PM. Applications are done on a rolling basis so apply as early as possible!

Countdown to Awesome!

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What is a Hackathon?

A hackathon is an event in which teams of up to four people spend a weekend "hacking" on an innovative solution to a real-world problem. That is, they make the best of the technologies and resources they have to solve a problem. At the end, teams’ projects are demoed and judged. The top teams win prizes in different categories.

Despite the complete lack of sleep and constant surge of adrenaline, hackathons are part of a welcoming culture that invites everyone of all skill levels to come together and build something on a scale that’s not possible to do alone. They represent the core values of the "hacker culture" – collaboration, creativity, and compassion.

As a way to introduce beginners to the wonderful world of hackathons, we present Hack on the Hill – a smaller-scale, shorter, and beginner-friendly hackathon all about learning how to hack.


Location: Carnesale Palisades

8:00 AM – Registration and breakfast

8:30 AM – Opening ceremony (Carnesale Commons)

8:45 AM – Team building and hacking begins

9:15 AM – [Workshop] Intro to Github (Graphical client)

9:45 AM – [Workshop] Intro to Frontend Web Development (CodeSmith)

11:00 AM – [Workshop] Intro to Backend Web Development (CodeSmith)

12:00 PM – Lunch

1:15 PM – [Workshop] Intro to Mobile (Android)

2:30 PM – [Workshop] Intro to APIs

6:00 PM – Dinner

9:00 PM – Hacking ends and judging begins

9:30 PM – Awards and closing ceremony

10:00 PM – Scheduled conclusion of event


We're hosting a variety of workshops to help expose you to different tools to hack with! Use these skills during the Hackathon and on future projects. Plus, they're great resume material! ;)

Intro to Github

GitHub is a company that provides distributed version control as a service. In other words, it lets you code collaboratively. We'll teach you how to get started with Git so you can quickly and easily work together with your teammates during the Hackathon!

Intro to Frontend Web Development

CodeSmith presents: a workshop on frontend web development. You'll learn HTML, CSS, and front-end Javascript – the basic tools you need to build a fully-functioning website. What you're building here is the UI that your website or app's users will see and interact with.

Intro to Backend Web Development

CodeSmith presents: a workshop on backend web development. You'll learn Javascript in the backend context (Node.js) to develop and create your own server and connect it to your frontend. What you're building here is the logic and functionality (the brains) of your website or app. Note: Please make sure you have Node.js installed prior to attending the workshop

Intro to Mobile (Android)

Android is a free, accessible, and obviously very well-known mobile operating system. We'll teach you how to get started with basic Android development by walking you through its basic components and give you an example as well. You can use what you learn to build your own app at and after the Hackathon.

Intro to APIs

APIs allow applications to use and share data made available to the world. They let you hand off a task to another server or ask for some information and collect the response without having to deal with the internal workings of the request. Learn about what APIs are and how to use them to make your application more dynamic.


The prizes will be given to each member of the winning teams.

  • First place: Amazon Echo Dot
  • Second place: Cyber Acoustics 2.1 Speaker System
  • Third place: TILE Mate Key Finder
  • Best Web Hack: 360-degree touch lamp with color-changing LEDs
  • Best Mobile Hack: 10,000 mAh portable charger with 2 USB ports
  • Best Design Hack: USB Design and Graphics Drawing Tablet


  1. Anything you present at the hackathon must be built entirely during the hacking period of the hackathon.
  2. You can only qualify for one prize category.
  3. Be nice and supportive of others.
  4. Have fun!


Who can attend? Any UCLA student is welcome to apply!

Do I have to be a CS major? Nope! We encourage everyone to attend this hackathon. It's beginner-friendly and we host introductory workshops to help you learn the skills needed to build something

What is the cost of attendance? Nothing! Just 12 hours of your day. And a lot of brain cells.

What do I need to bring? Your passion for coding, your lazy teammates who can't wake up on time, and yourself. It's also (highly) recommended that you bring your computer, your charger, your Bruin card, and some snacks.

Do we need to have a team before we apply? Nope! We'll match you with other attendees with similar interests and skill levels during the event so you can form a team.

What if I don't know how to code? You're not expected to! Hack on the Hill is the perfect time and place to learn. We will provide you with great workshops and mentors to help you build something amazing.

Brought to you by: ACM Hack, CodeSmith, and UCLA Residential Life Programming Board

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