Hackathon Resources

Hey Hackers! Use these resources for Hack on the Hill 2 (and other hackathons you might go to).

Getting Help

If you need help, we have a dedicated team of mentors available to you at the click of a button. Simply log on to the HOTH Mentor Platform and submit a ticket with your location and question/issue.

HOTH Workshops

We have lots of great workshops planned for you throughout the day. Here is the current schedule for sessions that will help you get up and running with various technologies:

  • Git/GitHub (Slides)
  • Front End Development (Codesmith)
  • Back End Development (Codesmith)
  • Android Development (Slides)
  • Introduction to APIs (Slides)

Tools and Platforms

  1. Create a GitHub account and download GitHub Desktop.
  2. Create a Devpost account and register for the HOTH Hackathon on Devpost to submit your hacks
  3. Download Node.js (Install: Mac, Windows), Sublime Text, Android Studio, and Python.


Libraries and Frameworks

Don't know what to use for a certain feature? Here are master lists for everything you could possibly need for Frontend, Node.js, Android, and Machine Learning.

Hosting and Infrastructure

You need a place to run and share your web app with the world, don't you? From easiest to most difficult:

  1. Firebase – an all-in-one Google service that sets up hosting, infrastructure, databases, messaging, analytics, storage, and much more for you app to use. (Tutorial, Docs)
  2. Heroku – another free, dead-simple hosting solution. Get your app up and running in just a minute, with attachable services (like databases, storage, and more) and click-to-scale. (Getting Started)
  3. Digital Ocean – a low-cost VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting solution. Rent instances called "droplets" and run anything on your virtual computer. (Getting Started)
  4. Amazon Web Services – the premier hosting and infrastructure solution. Although not recommended for beginners, it provides ultimate power and control over your setup, as well has nearly a hundred connectable services.


APIs let you interact with data and services in a quick, easy way. If you aren't looking for anything specific, checkout this list of awesome, random APIs.

  1. Twilio, Moxtra – Embed messaging, video, and voice in your apps (free to a limited degree).
  2. IBM Watson, Microsoft Cognitive Services – Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning APIS: Computer Vision (image/object/scene/face/emotion detection), Natural Language Processing, Speech, Knowledge & Data, Search, and more (free to a limited degree).
  3. Clarifai – Image and video detection, tagging, classification, and search API (free).
  4. Mapbox – Create and display custom maps with flexible graphics (free).
  5. Google Cloud Console – APIs for nearly all Google products (Gmail, Google+, OAuth 2.0, Youtube, Search, Maps, Big Query, etc.)
  6. Sendgrid – Send emails and marketing campaigns through an API (free to a limited degree).
  7. Yelp – search, lookup, and review businesses and restaurants (free).
  8. Uber – Integrate ride-sharing with Uber and other ride/traffic data into your app (free).
  9. Capitol One – Integrate commerce, rewards, and security into your app (free).
  10. Slack – Create Slack apps and integrations to increase your team's productivity (free).
  11. Facebook – Integrate Facebook services (including login) (free).
  12. reddit – access various reddit information, such as user profile, links, comments, flairs, listings, threads, PMs, moderation, search, subreddits, users, and more (free, open source).
  13. Venmo, PayPal, Stripe – Integrate mobile and web payments and other services into your apps (free).
  14. Spotify, Echo Nest, SoundCloud – integrate music and music data into your apps (free).