The ACM Hack Mission

To empower students to influence their community through code.

ACM Hack started just two years ago with a bold mission to connect and transform the CS community at UCLA. We're the largest committee under UCLA ACM, but there seems to be some confusion as to what we really are.

A Community.

ACM Hack is a community for everyone passionate about CS, but more broadly, anyone who wants to learn about CS. Whether you're a CS major or not, joining ACM is the best way to meet people with similar interests, learn about new CS technologies, and really identify as CS@UCLA. Anyone is welcome to join and all they have to do is simply attend any of our events. That's enough for you to be considered a part of our community because that's the spirit of CS – exploring, discovering, and giving back.

An Identity.

Being "part of ACM Hack" has never been well-defined – and that's intentional. Just like the variance in everything that is possible with CS, a number of things you can do as "part of ACM Hack" is nearly limitless. That said, begin a "part of ACM Hack" just means you're passionate about CS. Whether you're just getting started or build side projects all the time, you're a part of ACM. In fact, regardless of your skill level or interest level, ACM is the place where you have the opportunity to feel at home.

For you.

No matter what you're interested in, ACM can connect you to a community of people you're interested in. We host several events for all skill levels.

Hack School

Every quarter, ACM Hack hosts an 8-week long boot camp​ to get you started with an industry-critical skillset. Fall 2016 was based on Node.js and creating websites. This quarter, we're teaching Android development. Hack School is meant for all skill levels and the lessons typically do not depend on one another. This means even if you miss one, you won't be behind. Come on out to learn some cool new things at our Hack School events!

Hack on the Hill

Hack on the Hill is a 12-hour quarterly hackathon that ACM Hack puts on. It's beginner-friendly and hosts awesome workshops to teach you a variety of skills for both hackathons and real life. Whether you've never heard of a hackathon or you've always been dying to try one, Hack on the Hill is the event for you. We'll be having applications for our next one early next quarter, so look out for that!

Capture the Flag

Ever wanted to try out real hacking? We are partnering with LUG this Spring to host a cyber security competition. You will be able to try your hand at ethical hacking by completing challenges on topics such as: DoS attacks, SQL injections, password cracking. The event is open to students of all skill levels.

I'm excited! How do I Join?

Anyone who attends our events is considered a member, but if you'd like to be more involved and kept up-to-date regarding our events, become an official member by filling out this form: